New smoke alarm laws

Smoke alarms are electronic devices meant to be life-saving additions in any home. They detect smoke well before any sleeping occupant could do so themselves and provide critical seconds that give them time to perform actions that save life and property. It is legislation that one working smoke alarm is placed in each room and installed on each level in all buildings where people sleep. Use the professional expertise of an electrician in the Gold Coast, and you can join the ranks of the safest homes in Queensland after complying with the latest smoke alarm legislation.

Thanks to recommendations and investigations into the 2011 Slack Creek fatal house fire, the government put the new smoke alarm law in place. The new legislation is meant to ensure that this incident is never repeated because modern smoke alarm technology will alert everyone on the premises as early as possible.

What are the new smoke alarm laws in Queensland?

The legislation specifies that every Queensland residence should be fitted with photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms and hallways of homes. It’s vital that smoke alarms are interconnected because they are equally effective at warning everyone on the property regardless of where the fire starts. The alarm closest to you will alert you even if the area is closed off to the rest of the house. Photoelectric interconnected smoke alarms are the best in alarm technology because they are quick to alert the residents about fires as early as possible. Even with this in mind, all residents must note that hard-wired, interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms require a qualified electrician to handle the installation and ensure the proper checks.

What are interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms?

Photoelectric smoke alarms are designed to respond quickly and simultaneously to all kinds of fires, but they are extra responsive to smouldering fires and dense smoke, the most common type of household fire. Having interconnected alarms means when one alarm is activated, all alarms will sound across the home regardless of the fire’s origin. The extra time that gives residents can make all the difference in the world. These are the necessary requirements:

  • Smoke alarms must be installed in every bedroom of a home
  • All smoke alarms must be powered by either 240 volts or a ten-year lithium battery
  • All smoke alarms must be interconnected to each other
  • All smoke alarms must be photoelectric
  • All smoke alarms must comply with AS3786:2014

Where to install smoke alarms?

The new smoke alarms will be installed by a professional that is well versed in their effective placement. Depending on the size and layout of your home, it may be necessary to install more than one smoke alarm to provide sufficient warning.

Choose a licensed electrician for your smoke alarm installation

Smoke alarms are an electrical installation we are more than pleased to conduct for Queensland residents because they provide added protection for your home. Using an experienced electrical specialist will ensure that you have the most effective and efficient alarm system put in place. Choose Powertrip Electrical, and you’ll be working with some of the best electricians on the Gold Coast. The team is experienced in residential and commercial electrical works in Gold Coast, Helensvale, Broadbeach, Bundall, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Nerang and Burleigh Heads.



Why is switchboard inspection important ?

Doing electrical maintenance is part of the job for a qualified electrician in the Gold Coast, and it should be part of your routine as a property owner. It includes performing a close inspection of main switchboards and the testing of safety switches. A lack of inspection and testing can contribute to significant safety hazards that can be avoided. The best way to make sure that it can is to employ a professional to inspect it for any issues.

How to prepare your switchboard?

Inside the main switchboards on all the properties across Queensland are safety switches. A licensed electrical contractor should test these to ensure they are tripping within the required time of 300 milliseconds of cutting power to any faulty source. Safety switches that fail to trip within the required time will be deemed defective and need replacement or repair. Safety switches must be tested in accordance with AS/NZ 3760:2010, and this dictates that an inspection must be completed every six months.

Why is a switchboard inspection necessary?

Everything powered by electricity in your electrical system runs through your switchboard, which means it isn’t something you should neglect. Even simple issues have the potential of causing unwanted damage, problems and maybe even a spark that becomes a fire. Houses are now using more and more power, and the higher load being put on boards can result in more significant faults. The effects of not performing general checks and tests can be substantial, so it’s best to avoid them. Here are some essential services and electrical maintenance that we recommend:

  • Visual inspection and written detailed report to have on file
  • Searching for unsafe components and exposed live parts
  • Checking consumer mains, wiring and circuit breakers
  • Check earthing electrode is compliant with standards
  • Check compliance to current standards
  • Take photographs of any anomalies
  • Provide written quotation for recommendations

It’s time for a switchboard upgrade

These are warning signs that you have a switchboard close to malfunction and needs an electrical upgrade. To avoid the warning signs developing into something worse, it is essential that the switchboard on your property is upgraded and maintained to meet the mandatory Australian standard.

Choose a licensed electrician for your electrical maintenance

Routine maintenance work might seem like an inconvenience in your busy schedule. Still, all our licensed electricians are available to perform thorough electrical checks at the most suitable time for you. Choose Powertrip Electrical, and you’ll be working with some of the best electricians on the Gold Coast. The team is experienced in residential and commercial electrical works in Gold Coast, Helensvale, Broadbeach, Bundall, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Nerang and Burleigh Heads. Reach out to us to schedule an on-site inspection, and we can handle it all.

What is an electrical fit-out?


Newly constructed office spaces don’t just show up overnight with lights, plumbing and carpeting already set up. It takes a team of dedicated technicians to make commercial spaces fully functional spaces. Powertrip Electrical has been a trusted commercial electrician in the Gold Coast, and we’ve done a couple of electrical fit-outs in our day. You probably didn’t even realise that this is a service you need for your new commercial construction project. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know…

What is an office fit-out?

An office fit-out is taking a space and changing it into a usable office environment. That includes things like putting up structural features and designing and installing electrical systems. Electrical fitouts are entirely different worlds apart from changing a lightbulb. For this reason, you have to employ a commercial electrician, not your run-of-the-mill sparkie. Here is everything that is involved in an office fit-out:

What is involved in an electrical office fit-out?

  • Switchboard Installation Process

The switchboard is the foundation of any property in the Gold Coast, including domestic electrical systems, but it is the heart of a commercial space because it’s how operations function. A licensed Gold Coast electrician will install a new switchboard before continuing with any other electrical installations.

  • Safety switch installation

Safety switches are the new requirement as per national regulation. No commercial property can operate without one because they are set up and designed to prevent electrical hazards. 

  • Lighting 

There’s special lighting needed in a commercial office space. Retail spaces that need to show off their products will need brighter lights than others, while regular office spaces need practical fluorescent lights. Lighting systems are large and very complicated in commercial areas because there’s a lot of lighting required for many hours of the day. 

  • Sockets and cable installation 

These things have to be strategically placed at specific points in the office to ensure that everyone has access to power. The electrician will tactfully install cables and points at convenient places for the entire office. 

  • Alarm and security installation 

Commercial spaces are also home to costly equipment, sometimes, and this needs to be protected. Before moving into your newly constructed building, the electrician must lay the electrical work to install a fully functional security system. Security cameras and sensor lighting may be installed outside as well.

Choose a licensed electrician for your office fit-out

Electricity is a critical element of any commercial establishment, and you want it to work right. Using an experienced electrical specialist will ensure that you have the most effective and efficient space to work in. Choose Powertrip Electrical, and you’ll be working with some of the best electricians on the Gold Coast. The team is experienced in residential and commercial electrical works in Gold Coast, Helensvale, Broadbeach, Bundall, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Nerang and Burleigh Heads. Reach out to us to schedule an on-site inspection, and we can handle it all. 



What type of air conditioner do I need?

Gold Coast residents know why it’s called the Gold Coast. We enjoy many hours of sunshine over here, and it can get uncomfortably warm in these parts. An air conditioning system is an answer to all your problems, but with so many sizes and types on the market, we’re sure that you don’t know where to start. There are so many factors to consider, including the size of the space, your budget, and your needs. You can call your favourite Gold Coast electrician to help you make the right decision, but until you do, here’s a guide to give you a starting point…

What is the best type of air conditioning unit?

The most common type of air conditioning is a split system. Split system models are preferred because they’re the most energy-efficient, affordable, and the most appealing bonus is that they’re quiet. We’ve put together a cost guide for air conditioning costs for interested customers. This air conditioner model has a system that is split into two main parts—an air outlet unit that is inside and a compressor box that is fixed outside. The unit inside sucks out the hot air and replaces it with a cold air-conditioned refrigerant gas pipe. The pipe connects the two split systems. Split system ACs are usually attached high on a wall so that the outdoor unit can be installed on the same wall outside of the room or area in which the AC will work.

Benefits of a split system air conditioning system

  • Most affordable

Split system air conditioning units are the most affordable on the market, and that’s why they are so popular. The price of installation isn’t too high either. You need to ensure that a licensed and fully trained technician correctly installs your unit because it can be dangerous work. Doing this also ensures that you don’t have to pay for expensive repairs due to faulty installation. 

  • Quick Installation

It may be the customer’s favourite choice, but it is also the favourite choice of any electrician on the Gold Coast because it’s easy to install. The entire installation process only takes a few hours, and that’s across the spectrum of any property type. A quick installation means minor inconvenience to you as the customer, and that’s always a big win for us. 

  • Flexible installation options 

Split air conditioning systems are made of two parts, and one of them has to be on the property’s exterior. As long as the room has a wall that’s outward-facing, you can install the unit anywhere. It doesn’t require a lot of space either. In fact, just an empty wall will do. It can be mounted on any wall wherever the unit can fit.

  • Suitable for any home

We’ve already mentioned it, but split air conditioning units can be installed anywhere because of how flexible it is to install. This includes smaller houses or apartments too!

We’re licensed for air conditioning installation in the Gold Coast

The Powertrip Electrical team is experienced in residential and commercial fittings on the Gold Coast, Helensvale, Broadbeach, Bundall, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Nerang and Burleigh Heads



Safety tips while installing lights for Christmas

The beautiful sight of Christmas lights and decorations on the streets of Gold Coast is unmatched when it comes to any other time of year. Stringing lights across your roof and around your home can be a real safety hazard if you’re not careful, and we know based on all the calls we get during the festive season. Your local Gold Coast electrician is on standby to help with any unfortunate incidents, but you can do a few things to prevent them. Before you get cracking and switch on those dazzling setups with a spectacular light show, please keep reading to run through our quick and comprehensive safety checklist for installing Christmas lights…

Safety checklist for Christmas lights installation

  1. When you pull out those old light strands and decorations, make sure to check them for cracked cords, frayed ends, or loose connections
  2. You’re going to need additional extension cords, but make sure to check them as soon as you plug Christmas lights in for any signs of overheating. Just touch-test the line, and if it’s hot, it’s one of the signs that you need to make an emergency electrician call
  3. When you’re fixing the lights on your walls, try not to use tacks, nails or screws. You could have an accident and pierce the cable. We suggest that you invest in insulated hooks instead
  4. It’s Christmas, so you’re probably expecting a few visitors and more foot traffic than usual.  Tape down wiring and extension cord that may be in the way to protect people from tripping over them.
  5. Only use electrical equipment that meets Australia strict electrical safety standards. You can check out the government portal dedicated to registered products for a search.
  6. Once you purchase properly registered products for Christmas decorations, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding assembly, installation, and globe replacement.
  7. Only use outdoor Christmas lights for outdoor purposes. You should also make sure you use extension cords that are safe for outdoor environments. 
  8. Do not cover or modify decorative lights!
  9. After installing those lights, try not to leave them running when you go to bed at night or when you leave the house.
  10. As an experienced electrician in the Gold Coast for Christmas lights, our last piece of golden advice is, BE CAREFUL WITH LADDERS. 

Why you can benefit from electrical maintenance before the holidays

The best way to make sure that your home and electrical system are ready for holiday lights is to call in an expert to check things out. The experienced electricians here at Powertrip Electrical are always happy to help get your system up to scratch and ready for increased pressures for the Christmas season. We might discover that you need to install safety switches or something much less complicated like adding power points to upgrading wiring. The team is experienced in both residential and commercial electrical works on the Gold Coast including the following suburbs of Helensvale, Broadbeach, Bundall, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Nerang and Burleigh Heads. Reach out to us to schedule an inspection of your property’s electrical system, and we can handle it all. We’ll ensure that your home is as safe as possible this holiday season. 



What size air conditioner do I need?

Air conditioners are, without a doubt, an expensive investment, but one of the main mistakes clients make is to buy the wrong size. Buying the wrong size for your property can be the root cause of overspending, and we want to help you avoid that. Every room that needs air conditioning is different, so it’s a good idea to consult an expert as well before making a purchase. Speak to a licensed Gold Coast electrician to choose the perfect size air conditioner. We’ve put together this guide to help you better understand what size you need for your property. 

How to calculate the right air conditioner size?

It’s important to get a unit that fits your home because you want it to do its job of keeping you cool effectively. This means that you can’t get a 5kW system to cover extensive areas of 90m2. The first thing you need to do to get started is to measure the room by multiplying the length and width. You can then multiply that total by 160 watts, and you will have a more accurate estimation of which size air conditioner you need for that room. An expert can do this better than anyone else. Professional electricians on the Gold Coast will take into consideration the climate, windows and factors in the ceiling’s overall height. Have a look at this table to help you…

10m2 to 25m22.5 kW
25m2 to 35m23.5 kW
35m2 to 60m25-6 kW
60m2 to 85m27-8.5 kW
60m2 to 85m27-8.5 kW
85m2 to 95m29-9.4 kW


What can affect the size of the air conditioning unit you’ll need?

  • The size of the room

The first and most important thing is the size of the room. What’s the length, width and ceiling height? You’ll have to calculate that and factor in other things like how a room with high ceilings will require more energy to cool.

  • The insulation 

Do you already have some insulation built into your property’s structure? If not, it could make the entire installation different in size to make up for it. 

  • The location of your property

In which part of Australia is your property because they all have their climate types. A room in Darwin will need a more powerful air conditioner than the same room in an area like Hobart. This could even affect the chances of repair or replacement of your unit in the future. 

  • The orientation of your property

Unbelievably, the direction that the room faces will change what capacity air conditioner you need. North facing rooms with windows can let in a lot of heat in the summer, but south-facing rooms that are cooler and get more shares will need less air conditioning capacity. 

  • The property’s purpose 

The size of air conditioning needed in office areas is way different than for your homeroom. Small spaces in an office could need larger units because they are made of other materials and rarely have insulation. 

We’re licensed for air conditioning installation in the Gold Coast

The team at Powertrip Electrical is experienced in both residential and commercial fittings in Gold Coast, Helensvale, Broadbeach, Bundall, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Nerang and Burleigh Heads



5 energy-efficient ways to run your Christmas lights

It’s our favourite time of the year again, and we can’t wait!

But it’s also maybe one of the most dangerous electrical seasons because Gold Coast electricians have to deal with Christmas light mishaps! We know that it’s time again to light up your house with Christmas lights and beautiful Christmas decorations, so we’ve put together a little Christmas guide with energy-saving tips to help you keep your electric bill nice and low…

How to save energy during the Christmas decoration season?

1. Use the latest in LED tech

Those old dusty Christmas lights that you have packed up in the cupboard might not be up to scratch. If you’re ready for an energy-saving change, donate them and call in a professional electrician to get you set up with Christmas LED lights. They use 90% less electricity, and they’re guaranteed to last much longer than traditional lighting. Plus, if you’re trying to make your display be the best and brightest on the street, LEDs are the way to go! They are brighter and have pretty colour tones that will give you that extra wow factor. 

2. Try festoon lighting 

Festoon lighting is also commonly known as rope lighting because the lights are fixed to a long solid line or plastic or other material with tiny light bulbs in it. These are the latest trends in Christmas lighting, and they’re fabulous because they don’t use that much energy! You can rope these around your trees or even your mailbox, and they’ll be excellent because they don’t generate a lot of heat, so that means low-fire risk!

3. Garden lighting 

Nothing says Christmas like lighting around the trees and vegetation in your garden. Let’s not forget the Christmas tree, which also needs its own unique lighting to make a jolly statement. Modern tech has advanced past the need for you to struggle with a box of tangled Christmas tree lights. You can invest in a new fibre optic Christmas tree. These high-tech trees will save you ten times the power and LED pre-lit Christmas trees are sure to shine much brighter. There are two main types to choose from. One of them comes fully covered in lights when you buy it, and the other one is an artificial tree with dotted fibre optics in its tree limbs. 

4. Energy-saving timers 

It might be challenging to keep up with how long your lights are on, and it shouldn’t be all up to you! To save energy, you should try to turn off your Christmas lights as soon as you go to bed, but many of us leave them running all night and even all day long! You can use products that can sort this issue for you without spending a lot of money. You’ll make money back tenfold in energy savings. You can buy an energy-saving timer that can be set for a few hours where your lights operate. Setting the timer can also make it automatically turn off the power and switch it back on again. Most timers can be automatically charged for a set of hours like 4 or 6 or 9; you can choose your specification based on your own Christmas spirit preference!

5. Ask for the advice of your local tradie

The best thing you can do for yourself is to speak to a local electrician about the best options for you because we don’t all have the same Christmas light plans. They know government electrical safety guidelines for Christmas lights and can give you suggestions about the best products to help. You can call the team at Powertrip Electrical if you are based in Gold Coast, Helensvale, Broadbeach, Bundall, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Nerang and Burleigh Heads.



What does a commercial electrician do?

There’s a reason why there are distinctions between residential electricians and commercial electricians in Australia. It’s mostly for your safety but it’s also because there is special training that each one goes through. The training makes them an expert in each of their chosen fields and makes them the best person to call in each category. That means if you’re looking for an electrician for your home, then call a residential technician and if you need one for your place of work, then a professional commercial electrician is who you should call. Good electrical servicing companies will offer both ranges of expertise and you should take advantage of that to ensure the highest quality work is done. 

What is a commercial electrician?

While a domestic electrician works on home residences, commercial electricians specialize in providing electrical repair, maintenance, replacement, and safety inspections within commercial offices, retail stores and other related workspaces. They can do an entire range of services, but they also included the implementation and design of electrical system plans in your office building that will help you achieve your specific workplace needs. Qualified commercial electricians know how to do this better than anyone else because they know the latest local electrical codes. One of the latest electrical codes in Australia is the installation of safety switches in your switchboard. Commercial properties are more likely to need a more advanced system upgrade like a 3-phased installation, and that’s why an expert is needed. 

Commercial electricians are the most common of the two professions, with the focus of commercial work being upon the efficient operation of wiring and electrical components of a business. A good commercial electrician requires relevant education, along with the completion of post-apprentice courses. There is separate licensing for commercial and residential electricians for a reason. There are many reasons why this is the case, but one of them is the difference in wiring and power used in commercial settings. Power and electrical systems to residential settings are usually one-phase, while the power to commercial buildings is three-phase. Electricians who are contracted to work on commercial wiring need to be trained to work with these major differences.

All electricians regardless of their specification, have to become qualified and licensed electricians by achieving have a certain number of hours of classroom learning and on-the-job training and work experience. Some of these programs will include training for both residential and commercial work, which is how some commercial electricians can do home electrical work. 

When should I call a commercial electrician?

If you are the owner, manager or overseer of a retail store, office building, school, or other commercial properties of this nature, you need to use the particular skillset offered by a commercial electrician. Even if it’s something as small as routine maintenance, use a commercial specialist for better results because they are more familiar with commercial electrical systems. Other tasks and duties commercial electricians carry out include:

  • Office refurbishments and fit-outs
  • Retail fit-outs
  • Emergency lighting
  • Test & tag
  • Switchboard upgrades and relocations
  • Fault finding
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Cable trays and supports
  • Connection concealing
  • Equipment installation
  • General repairs 
  • Security and fire alarms 
  • Electrical system design

Can commercial electricians do residential electrical jobs?

Commercial electricians are qualified and experienced enough to provide commercial electrical services but that also means that they are competent enough to deal with domestic electrical work. Commercial electricians work on systems with higher requirements and larger systems, so working on smaller, less complicated systems won’t be too difficult. They are able to offer a variety of electrical work in homes and businesses. Household lighting vs office lighting is something that a commercial electrician can handle with the same consistency. Powertrip Electricals’ team are also on hand to provide annual electrical inspection, and routine fault-finding, for Gold Coast business.


Does my electrician need to be licensed?

Our immediate answer to this is immediately – YES! Mostly because the local safe electricity laws require it but also because it will save you from so many stressful situations. You should take some time to understand the differences between a licensed electrician and one that isn’t. The consequences that can come with unlicensed electrical work can be as small as an electrical fault that is an inconvenience to something much more expensive. The absolutely worst case scenario may be something as devastating as a fire breaking out and causing irreparable damage to your property. If you used an unlicensed electrician, your insurer will not pay out and the buck will stop with you! Licensed electrical tradespeople are the most qualified to handle the systems on your property because they will do it with better training and more regulatory knowledge than anyone else. 

Licensed electricians are the best because they passed several exams and acquired the necessary qualifications to do better work than anyone else. They also go through this rigorous process because they need it to qualify for permits to operate as electricians in the Gold Coast. The permit means that they are registered with the state to operate but also that insurers are more likely to pay out in the rare case that something bad happens. You might choose an unlicensed electrician because they’re prices are much lower than the typical cost for a local electrician. But please, do not take this as an indication that you should use their services. These are only some of the benefits that come with hiring a licensed electrician. Keep reading below for more…

Reasons to hire a licensed electrician

1. Maximum safety maintained

Licensed electricians are trained according to local electrical safety regulation which is stricter than anything else. That means that the most knowledgeable electricians in high-quality safety practise for your home or commercial building are those who are licensed. Developing problems could be invisible to the average Gold Coast local but they are easy to spot for trained electricians. Not only can they spot problems the fastest, but they will also follow a well-defined set of safety standards, procedures and regulations. The work they do will be accompanied by legislation, which imposes penalties for non-compliance. Take switchboard upgrades, for instance, a licensed electrician will know what style of the update is appropriate for your particular electrical supply needs.  

2. They have the correct knowledge

Licensed electricians get the best of both worlds as they are being trained by legislation, schools and experience on the groundwork. Unlicensed electricians who do not care to gain knowledge from all of these areas will simply not have as much diverse knowledge as those who do. They’ll know exactly when you need to replace or repair your air conditioner because they have a triad of expertise to guide the decision. If your electrician lacks this extent of education, they could create inefficiencies or problems with overloading circuits. 

3. Insurance in case something goes wrong

Proper electrical services companies are required to offer you comprehensive insurance on all the work they do. To even qualify for licensing, they need to be properly insured. This is one of the things you should use as a basic requirement when choosing the best electrician for your property. The insurance protects you, the property and anyone else on the property using the electrical systems on it. What’s even better, is that hiring a licensed electrician will also protect your own insurance policy. It probably has a clause that requires that all electrical work be conducted by a licensed and insured electrician. In the event of a fire or accident, if an inspection concludes that the reason behind it has something to do with electrical work which was done by an unlicensed electrician, it leaves you open to payment voids and effectively uninsured.  

4. Cheaper in the long run

Believe it or not, licensed electrical work is more cost-effective than using shady service people who won’t ensure the same quality of work. A professional is sure to get the project done right the very first time, and this makes sure that you don’t have to call anyone else to re-do a quick fix job from an unlicensed technician. Whether it’s relying on them for regularly scheduled electrical maintenance or when you need an emergency electrician, locally licensed professionals will make sure that no money is wasted. 

How to know if an electrician is licensed?

There’s a way to check if an electrical contractor you’ve got working on your home or commercial property is suitably licensed, you can start by using use the QLD Government’s Worksafe as a source. It gives detailed examples of what work requires which types of electrical license. You can then ask your chosen electrician for their insurance certificate.

Everything an electrician can do

Electricians are some of Australia’s best tradie because they regularly handle dangerous materials with their bare hands, and they do it all with a smile. Don’t underestimate them though, they’ve been through very tough training and strict electrical safety licensing to become the electrical technicians they are! The training isn’t a piece of pie and it’s there to get rid of the incapable and least qualified to do the job. Many electricians even go the extra mile and specialize in more refined types of electrical work in the Gold Coast to increase their job opportunities. This can include commercial electrical work and switchboard upgrades. Even though they are electrical geniuses they’re also your friendly household electrics installer, and they can even mount your TV for you. 

What is an electrician?

An electrician or sparkie are ultimately trained tradespeople who design, install, maintain, and repair all the electrical systems and products used in residential homes, businesses, and factories. Naturally, some electricians will choose to specialise in specific property types and that’s why we have a difference between a residential and commercial electrician, for example. Regardless of their specialization, electricians work inside and outside buildings to make sure that lights, equipment, appliances, and all fixtures work effectively and safely for your use. 

What can an electrician do?

The one job that an electrician must be responsible for, across specializations and variations, is the safe supply of electricity from its source to where you need it most on your property. The specific skills they can offer you as a customer will vary, and that also comes with different costs for electrical services. The things they can do could include:

  • Electrical system planning for new buildings and renovations which includes the small issue of positioning outlets to the large job of installing air conditioning
  • To do the above, the electrician also has to be skilled at reading and interpreting blueprints, diagrams and other technical documents to understand, re-position or install electrical fixtures. This can also include the establishment and initial forming of electrical circuits by connecting electrical wires to components and fixtures and testing completed circuits
  • Installing basic hangers and brackets to support electrical products like a TV that needs mounting. 
  • Performing electrical servicing and regular maintenance to keep wiring, lighting, and control systems in good working order. This includes electrical inspections, to find faults in electrical elements and circuit breakers. There are ways to find electrical faults, but it should always be left up to the professionals. 
  • You can count on them for regular repairs, replacements and electrical upgrades of faulty or outdated electrical equipment, fixtures, and wiring, including isolating faults for safe removal and replacement
  • They also perform leadership duties like training other local electricians and directing them to perform specific tasks
  • A detailed understanding of electrical standards to keep you compliant as a local. 

What to look for in a Gold Coast electrician?

Electricians can be lifesavers in emergency situations and also just be a helping hand when installing a new fancy appliance. Maybe what you need to do for all things electricity is to rely on the services of a Gold Coast electrician for routine maintenance. It’ll be easy to find one if you read through our guide for choosing the best one or just read the below tips to start with:

How to choose the best electrician 

1. Upfront pricing

Ideally, you want to hire an electrical company that provides upfront pricing and guarantees on that pricing. At Powertrip Electrical, we offer flat pricing and detailed quotations. We always want to give our customers full transparency about exactly what you are up for. 

2. Qualifications and certification

When it comes to electrical work, you need a qualified expert. Unlicensed electrical work is illegal on the Gold Coast and is heavily frowned upon in the industry. Electrical work isn’t something people just do in their spare time, it’s a complex trade that requires many years of training and experience, and then several other licenses and accreditations. If it was so easy, everyone would be doing their own electrical work!