New smoke alarm laws

Smoke alarms are electronic devices meant to be life-saving additions in any home. They detect smoke well before any sleeping occupant could do so themselves and provide critical seconds that give them time to perform actions that save life and property. It is legislation that one working smoke alarm is placed in each room and installed on each level in all buildings where people sleep. Use the professional expertise of an electrician in the Gold Coast, and you can join the ranks of the safest homes in Queensland after complying with the latest smoke alarm legislation.

Thanks to recommendations and investigations into the 2011 Slack Creek fatal house fire, the government put the new smoke alarm law in place. The new legislation is meant to ensure that this incident is never repeated because modern smoke alarm technology will alert everyone on the premises as early as possible.

What are the new smoke alarm laws in Queensland?

The legislation specifies that every Queensland residence should be fitted with photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms and hallways of homes. It’s vital that smoke alarms are interconnected because they are equally effective at warning everyone on the property regardless of where the fire starts. The alarm closest to you will alert you even if the area is closed off to the rest of the house. Photoelectric interconnected smoke alarms are the best in alarm technology because they are quick to alert the residents about fires as early as possible. Even with this in mind, all residents must note that hard-wired, interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms require a qualified electrician to handle the installation and ensure the proper checks.

What are interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms?

Photoelectric smoke alarms are designed to respond quickly and simultaneously to all kinds of fires, but they are extra responsive to smouldering fires and dense smoke, the most common type of household fire. Having interconnected alarms means when one alarm is activated, all alarms will sound across the home regardless of the fire’s origin. The extra time that gives residents can make all the difference in the world. These are the necessary requirements:

  • Smoke alarms must be installed in every bedroom of a home
  • All smoke alarms must be powered by either 240 volts or a ten-year lithium battery
  • All smoke alarms must be interconnected to each other
  • All smoke alarms must be photoelectric
  • All smoke alarms must comply with AS3786:2014

Where to install smoke alarms?

The new smoke alarms will be installed by a professional that is well versed in their effective placement. Depending on the size and layout of your home, it may be necessary to install more than one smoke alarm to provide sufficient warning.

Choose a licensed electrician for your smoke alarm installation

Smoke alarms are an electrical installation we are more than pleased to conduct for Queensland residents because they provide added protection for your home. Using an experienced electrical specialist will ensure that you have the most effective and efficient alarm system put in place. Choose Powertrip Electrical, and you’ll be working with some of the best electricians on the Gold Coast. The team is experienced in residential and commercial electrical works in Gold Coast, Helensvale, Broadbeach, Bundall, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Nerang and Burleigh Heads.