What does a commercial electrician do?

There’s a reason why there are distinctions between residential electricians and commercial electricians in Australia. It’s mostly for your safety but it’s also because there is special training that each one goes through. The training makes them an expert in each of their chosen fields and makes them the best person to call in each category. That means if you’re looking for an electrician for your home, then call a residential technician and if you need one for your place of work, then a professional commercial electrician is who you should call. Good electrical servicing companies will offer both ranges of expertise and you should take advantage of that to ensure the highest quality work is done. 

What is a commercial electrician?

While a domestic electrician works on home residences, commercial electricians specialize in providing electrical repair, maintenance, replacement, and safety inspections within commercial offices, retail stores and other related workspaces. They can do an entire range of services, but they also included the implementation and design of electrical system plans in your office building that will help you achieve your specific workplace needs. Qualified commercial electricians know how to do this better than anyone else because they know the latest local electrical codes. One of the latest electrical codes in Australia is the installation of safety switches in your switchboard. Commercial properties are more likely to need a more advanced system upgrade like a 3-phased installation, and that’s why an expert is needed. 

Commercial electricians are the most common of the two professions, with the focus of commercial work being upon the efficient operation of wiring and electrical components of a business. A good commercial electrician requires relevant education, along with the completion of post-apprentice courses. There is separate licensing for commercial and residential electricians for a reason. There are many reasons why this is the case, but one of them is the difference in wiring and power used in commercial settings. Power and electrical systems to residential settings are usually one-phase, while the power to commercial buildings is three-phase. Electricians who are contracted to work on commercial wiring need to be trained to work with these major differences.

All electricians regardless of their specification, have to become qualified and licensed electricians by achieving have a certain number of hours of classroom learning and on-the-job training and work experience. Some of these programs will include training for both residential and commercial work, which is how some commercial electricians can do home electrical work. 

When should I call a commercial electrician?

If you are the owner, manager or overseer of a retail store, office building, school, or other commercial properties of this nature, you need to use the particular skillset offered by a commercial electrician. Even if it’s something as small as routine maintenance, use a commercial specialist for better results because they are more familiar with commercial electrical systems. Other tasks and duties commercial electricians carry out include:

  • Office refurbishments and fit-outs
  • Retail fit-outs
  • Emergency lighting
  • Test & tag
  • Switchboard upgrades and relocations
  • Fault finding
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Cable trays and supports
  • Connection concealing
  • Equipment installation
  • General repairs 
  • Security and fire alarms 
  • Electrical system design

Can commercial electricians do residential electrical jobs?

Commercial electricians are qualified and experienced enough to provide commercial electrical services but that also means that they are competent enough to deal with domestic electrical work. Commercial electricians work on systems with higher requirements and larger systems, so working on smaller, less complicated systems won’t be too difficult. They are able to offer a variety of electrical work in homes and businesses. Household lighting vs office lighting is something that a commercial electrician can handle with the same consistency. Powertrip Electricals’ team are also on hand to provide annual electrical inspection, and routine fault-finding, for Gold Coast business.


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