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New smoke alarm laws

Smoke alarms are electronic devices meant to be life-saving additions in any home. They detect smoke well before any sleeping occupant could do so themselves and provide critical seconds that give them time to perform actions that save life and property. It is legislation that

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Why is switchboard inspection important ?

Doing electrical maintenance is part of the job for a qualified electrician in the Gold Coast, and it should be part of your routine as a property owner. It includes performing a close inspection of main switchboards and the testing of safety switches. A lack

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What is an electrical fit-out?

Newly constructed office spaces don’t just show up overnight with lights, plumbing and carpeting already set up. It takes a team of dedicated technicians to make commercial spaces fully functional spaces. Powertrip Electrical has been a trusted commercial electrician in the Gold Coast, and we’ve

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What type of air conditioner do I need?

Gold Coast residents know why it’s called the Gold Coast. We enjoy many hours of sunshine over here, and it can get uncomfortably warm in these parts. An air conditioning system is an answer to all your problems, but with so many sizes and types

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What size air conditioner do I need?

Air conditioners are, without a doubt, an expensive investment, but one of the main mistakes clients make is to buy the wrong size. Buying the wrong size for your property can be the root cause of overspending, and we want to help you avoid that.

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What does a commercial electrician do?

There’s a reason why there are distinctions between residential electricians and commercial electricians in Australia. It’s mostly for your safety but it’s also because there is special training that each one goes through. The training makes them an expert in each of their chosen fields

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