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Electricity is a useful but very powerful tool that we use on a day-to-day business. If it is left unattended and unchecked for too long there are many things that could happen that would cost, you money and unwanted stress. Your car has electricity flowing through it to power the battery that makes it run. Just like how your car needs regular maintenance and servicing, electrical maintenance for your residential or commercial property is important. Electrical maintenance can be described as regular or periodic visual inspections by a licensed electrician on the Gold Coast of all the electrical installations at your home or office. Routine maintenance work might seem like an inconvenience in your busy schedule, butall our licensed electricians are available to perform thorough electrical checks at a time that’s most suitable for you. If you didn’t know before, here is your urgent reminder why it is important. This can include electrical fault finding. These are Powertrip Electricals’ three reasons why you need to start doing electrical maintenance…

Three reasons why you need electrical maintenance

1. Safety
It should go without saying that electrical parts that are maintained are parts that are safe. Electrical maintenance therefore is a necessary and constant protective measureto ensure that. It will ensure that all the members of your family are protected from harm that could be caused by dangerous defects.

2. Cost effective / Money saving
By regularly testing the operational reliability of all the installed electrical parts and equipment in your house, you can make sure that you avoid a situation where a much more expensive accident could happen. Investing in the proper electrical care will be cheaper than neglected electrical equipment causing electrocution, electrical fires from short circuits and damage to your appliances. We’ve put together a general guide to help you navigate how much electrician services cost but you can also give us a call, and we can offer a free quote

3. Regulation compliance
In parts of Australia there are very specific electric safety laws that residents and businessesmust abide by to prevent harm to people or the destruction of property. Following them can save you from electrical damage and ultimately from the repercussions of law enforcements. Electrical maintenance may also be a requirement that may affect insurance pay-outs in the case of property damage due to fire.

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What to expect during a maintenance inspection?

Your licensed Gold Coast electrician  will be looking for a few things. These can include breakages, worn-out or deteriorating parts, signs of overheating and any loose fittings. They will also check every electrical enclosure to ensure that it is still secure and safe. The main part of the inspection is to test long-standing equipment that isn’t used very often to make sure that they operate without fault and without causing short circuits. The electrician may spot faulty wiring and electrical elements and fix them before anything breaks or becomes dangerous.

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