Safety tips while installing lights for Christmas

The beautiful sight of Christmas lights and decorations on the streets of Gold Coast is unmatched when it comes to any other time of year. Stringing lights across your roof and around your home can be a real safety hazard if you’re not careful, and we know based on all the calls we get during the festive season. Your local Gold Coast electrician is on standby to help with any unfortunate incidents, but you can do a few things to prevent them. Before you get cracking and switch on those dazzling setups with a spectacular light show, please keep reading to run through our quick and comprehensive safety checklist for installing Christmas lights…

Safety checklist for Christmas lights installation

  1. When you pull out those old light strands and decorations, make sure to check them for cracked cords, frayed ends, or loose connections
  2. You’re going to need additional extension cords, but make sure to check them as soon as you plug Christmas lights in for any signs of overheating. Just touch-test the line, and if it’s hot, it’s one of the signs that you need to make an emergency electrician call
  3. When you’re fixing the lights on your walls, try not to use tacks, nails or screws. You could have an accident and pierce the cable. We suggest that you invest in insulated hooks instead
  4. It’s Christmas, so you’re probably expecting a few visitors and more foot traffic than usual.  Tape down wiring and extension cord that may be in the way to protect people from tripping over them.
  5. Only use electrical equipment that meets Australia strict electrical safety standards. You can check out the government portal dedicated to registered products for a search.
  6. Once you purchase properly registered products for Christmas decorations, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding assembly, installation, and globe replacement.
  7. Only use outdoor Christmas lights for outdoor purposes. You should also make sure you use extension cords that are safe for outdoor environments. 
  8. Do not cover or modify decorative lights!
  9. After installing those lights, try not to leave them running when you go to bed at night or when you leave the house.
  10. As an experienced electrician in the Gold Coast for Christmas lights, our last piece of golden advice is, BE CAREFUL WITH LADDERS. 

Why you can benefit from electrical maintenance before the holidays

The best way to make sure that your home and electrical system are ready for holiday lights is to call in an expert to check things out. The experienced electricians here at Powertrip Electrical are always happy to help get your system up to scratch and ready for increased pressures for the Christmas season. We might discover that you need to install safety switches or something much less complicated like adding power points to upgrading wiring. The team is experienced in both residential and commercial electrical works on the Gold Coast including the following suburbs of Helensvale, Broadbeach, Bundall, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Nerang and Burleigh Heads. Reach out to us to schedule an inspection of your property’s electrical system, and we can handle it all. We’ll ensure that your home is as safe as possible this holiday season.