5 energy-efficient ways to run your Christmas lights

It’s our favourite time of the year again, and we can’t wait!

But it’s also maybe one of the most dangerous electrical seasons because Gold Coast electricians have to deal with Christmas light mishaps! We know that it’s time again to light up your house with Christmas lights and beautiful Christmas decorations, so we’ve put together a little Christmas guide with energy-saving tips to help you keep your electric bill nice and low…

How to save energy during the Christmas decoration season?

1. Use the latest in LED tech

Those old dusty Christmas lights that you have packed up in the cupboard might not be up to scratch. If you’re ready for an energy-saving change, donate them and call in a professional electrician to get you set up with Christmas LED lights. They use 90% less electricity, and they’re guaranteed to last much longer than traditional lighting. Plus, if you’re trying to make your display be the best and brightest on the street, LEDs are the way to go! They are brighter and have pretty colour tones that will give you that extra wow factor. 

2. Try festoon lighting 

Festoon lighting is also commonly known as rope lighting because the lights are fixed to a long solid line or plastic or other material with tiny light bulbs in it. These are the latest trends in Christmas lighting, and they’re fabulous because they don’t use that much energy! You can rope these around your trees or even your mailbox, and they’ll be excellent because they don’t generate a lot of heat, so that means low-fire risk!

3. Garden lighting 

Nothing says Christmas like lighting around the trees and vegetation in your garden. Let’s not forget the Christmas tree, which also needs its own unique lighting to make a jolly statement. Modern tech has advanced past the need for you to struggle with a box of tangled Christmas tree lights. You can invest in a new fibre optic Christmas tree. These high-tech trees will save you ten times the power and LED pre-lit Christmas trees are sure to shine much brighter. There are two main types to choose from. One of them comes fully covered in lights when you buy it, and the other one is an artificial tree with dotted fibre optics in its tree limbs. 

4. Energy-saving timers 

It might be challenging to keep up with how long your lights are on, and it shouldn’t be all up to you! To save energy, you should try to turn off your Christmas lights as soon as you go to bed, but many of us leave them running all night and even all day long! You can use products that can sort this issue for you without spending a lot of money. You’ll make money back tenfold in energy savings. You can buy an energy-saving timer that can be set for a few hours where your lights operate. Setting the timer can also make it automatically turn off the power and switch it back on again. Most timers can be automatically charged for a set of hours like 4 or 6 or 9; you can choose your specification based on your own Christmas spirit preference!

5. Ask for the advice of your local tradie

The best thing you can do for yourself is to speak to a local electrician about the best options for you because we don’t all have the same Christmas light plans. They know government electrical safety guidelines for Christmas lights and can give you suggestions about the best products to help. You can call the team at Powertrip Electrical if you are based in Gold Coast, Helensvale, Broadbeach, Bundall, Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Nerang and Burleigh Heads.