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The word domestic usually means home and this is true for domestic electricians too. A domestic or residential electrician is your home electric specialist. They do most of their work in residential areas for household needs. Unlike their commercial and industrial counterparts who handle larger properties and more demanding electric systems, domestic electricians are well trained at doing the odd job around the house like fixing faulty sockets and installing light fixture. Domestic and commercial electrical works are different because they have completely different load demands, equipment and energy needs.These electricians for each of these tasks will use different procedures and classes of materials. Do you need an electrician to install or repair existing air-conditioning in your home? Then what you need is your friendly local domestic electrician. For properties that will function as a business or retail hub, more complex electrical work is required because these properties will probably use much more electricity at much more frequent rates. If you need someone who can install wiring throughout your brand-new shop or warehouse premises, this job calls for a commercial electrician.


Domestic electricians will therefore help you with anything that can be plugged in the walls of your home,and this includes installation, repair or electrical maintenance jobs. That means they can handle all the wiring, lighting, and appliances throughout the property. Other services include the installation of switches, sockets and charging ports and the repair of fuse boxes among other things.If its electric, and it’s in your residential home a domestic can fix it. With that being said, domestic electricians can work on many different types of residential properties and are not limited to one. This includes your apartment, coast-side property or your fenced home in the suburbs. It’s important that you employ domestic electricians that have the relevant qualifications  and licensing. We have some more information about why your electrician should be licensed. Just to sum it up, here are some of the things a domestic electrician does for you: 

All electric wiring
and appliance installation

Electric repairs in
your home

Air conditioning installations (split systems up
to 18KW in size)

24/7 Emergency Service​

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If it’s domestic or commercial electrician on the Gold Coast you’re looking for, look no further than Powertrip Electrical! We have the best electricians on the Gold Coast and many positive reviews to confirm it! Powertrip Electrical Services has a team of professional and fully licensed electricians in several locations across the Gold Coast& Northern NSW. We specialise in providing domestic and commercial electric services to homeowners and businesses with a smile. Have a look below for a full list of all our locations. Call us on 0410 607 785 today or book a quote online!Our dedicated team of skilled, friendly electricians are only a call away and can help with all of the following and so much more.



Our electricians are experienced individuals that are equipped to deal with complex and often dangerous electrical tasks. We promise the highest quality service for reasonable prices. We charge an hourly rate and a standard call out fee for each job. The more complicated the job, the more you might have to pay to make sure that our electricians can continue to provide the quality you deserve. You can refer to our electrician’s cost guide or call us now for an obligation free quote and we can give you a general estimate that may only change by $50-$100 dollars once the electrician is able to assess the damage or work required in person.

A standard home maintenance and repair job could cost you anywhere between $300-$500 dollars, all inclusive. In the case of an emergency call-out outside of our business hours, customers are advised to budget more. Other costs that may factor into the final bill include the cost of any parts should they be required. The average socket or plug part is $18 in Australia. Be sure to explain clearly and in as much detail as possible so we can better prepare you for the cost of our services in advance. Give us a call or drop into any one of our locations and we’ll take care of all your electric needs with ease.