Everything an electrician can do

Electricians are some of Australia’s best tradie because they regularly handle dangerous materials with their bare hands, and they do it all with a smile. Don’t underestimate them though, they’ve been through very tough training and strict electrical safety licensing to become the electrical technicians they are! The training isn’t a piece of pie and it’s there to get rid of the incapable and least qualified to do the job. Many electricians even go the extra mile and specialize in more refined types of electrical work in the Gold Coast to increase their job opportunities. This can include commercial electrical work and switchboard upgrades. Even though they are electrical geniuses they’re also your friendly household electrics installer, and they can even mount your TV for you. 

What is an electrician?

An electrician or sparkie are ultimately trained tradespeople who design, install, maintain, and repair all the electrical systems and products used in residential homes, businesses, and factories. Naturally, some electricians will choose to specialise in specific property types and that’s why we have a difference between a residential and commercial electrician, for example. Regardless of their specialization, electricians work inside and outside buildings to make sure that lights, equipment, appliances, and all fixtures work effectively and safely for your use. 

What can an electrician do?

The one job that an electrician must be responsible for, across specializations and variations, is the safe supply of electricity from its source to where you need it most on your property. The specific skills they can offer you as a customer will vary, and that also comes with different costs for electrical services. The things they can do could include:

  • Electrical system planning for new buildings and renovations which includes the small issue of positioning outlets to the large job of installing air conditioning
  • To do the above, the electrician also has to be skilled at reading and interpreting blueprints, diagrams and other technical documents to understand, re-position or install electrical fixtures. This can also include the establishment and initial forming of electrical circuits by connecting electrical wires to components and fixtures and testing completed circuits
  • Installing basic hangers and brackets to support electrical products like a TV that needs mounting. 
  • Performing electrical servicing and regular maintenance to keep wiring, lighting, and control systems in good working order. This includes electrical inspections, to find faults in electrical elements and circuit breakers. There are ways to find electrical faults, but it should always be left up to the professionals. 
  • You can count on them for regular repairs, replacements and electrical upgrades of faulty or outdated electrical equipment, fixtures, and wiring, including isolating faults for safe removal and replacement
  • They also perform leadership duties like training other local electricians and directing them to perform specific tasks
  • A detailed understanding of electrical standards to keep you compliant as a local. 

What to look for in a Gold Coast electrician?

Electricians can be lifesavers in emergency situations and also just be a helping hand when installing a new fancy appliance. Maybe what you need to do for all things electricity is to rely on the services of a Gold Coast electrician for routine maintenance. It’ll be easy to find one if you read through our guide for choosing the best one or just read the below tips to start with:

How to choose the best electrician 

1. Upfront pricing

Ideally, you want to hire an electrical company that provides upfront pricing and guarantees on that pricing. At Powertrip Electrical, we offer flat pricing and detailed quotations. We always want to give our customers full transparency about exactly what you are up for. 

2. Qualifications and certification

When it comes to electrical work, you need a qualified expert. Unlicensed electrical work is illegal on the Gold Coast and is heavily frowned upon in the industry. Electrical work isn’t something people just do in their spare time, it’s a complex trade that requires many years of training and experience, and then several other licenses and accreditations. If it was so easy, everyone would be doing their own electrical work!

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