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Commercial means to be engaged with commerce and this is the best way to describe what a commercial electrician is. Like the previous definition, a commercial electrician is one that is engaged with the electrical systems at buildings and properties used for commerce. These properties are sometimes larger and have higher electricity supply needs than a residential property. With that being said, we also have qualified domestic electricians on the team for residential work. Warehouses, offices and retail properties like shopping malls are some of the places a commercial electrician would be qualified to do work on. Cabling, wiring and output would have to withstand the use of many more appliances, operating at the same time for hours on end. Commercial electricians are different from residential or domestic ones because they can handle electric work for larger commercial buildings with complicated electrical needs. Some of the things they can do include installation, maintenance, formal inspection and general electric repairs for systems in commercial buildings. Australia’s electric law and safety code has strict restrictions that commercial properties have to abide by. Commercial electricians must be knowledgeable in these codes and therefore also enforce their compliance when working on commercial properties. 

Here are a few things a commercial electrician can do for you

All installations of wiring and electric components like lights and plugs

Formal inspection of commercial electric systems

Repair and maintenance

The ability to read and design technical drawings to help commercial property owners plan electrical systems in construction projects

Upkeep of electric systems to meet state, local and national guidelines


If you’re the owner of an office building, retail store, or restaurant, then you need a COMMERCIAL electrician. They can help you to install electric equipment like tills, lights etc and even with creating electric designs that will work best when you do renovations. This can include the comprehensive job of an electrical fit-out. All owners of a building for commercial use must also remember that electrical faults are one of the main issues commercial properties experience. Proper care and maintenance of the electric requirements and the systems needed to sustain them should be a main priority for your commercial property. A significant amount of cases of property damage on commercial properties can be linked in one way or another to electrical fault. Electrical fault is known to be a cause of expensive and debilitating damage to commercial properties, but all of this can be prevented.
Before moving in or making your building accessible to other people, it is imperative that you employ a commercial electrician that can inspect the entire electrical system. A thorough inspection performed by a licensed commercial electrician can expose things like circuits that were designed poorly at construction, faulty and damaged wiring and improper wattage outputs.

Commercial electricians can also be a valuable tool in making sure that your property meets electric law standards. Commercial properties must be very thorough with maintaining the required electric code laws because they operate as a business that must be held liable in the case of any harm caused to others. Commercial electricians can make sure you’re compliant and this can make sure that your electrical systems are not only operating legally but are also operating safely. The installation of safety switches in your switchboard, for instance, are something that commercial electricians can adviseand are qualified to do for your property. In the unfortunate case that there is a fire or extensive damage on your property caused by electric fault, non-compliance can open you up to legal repercussions and a void of insurance compensation.

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