The lighting in your home isn’t just a way to brighten your surroundings it should also be something that is efficient in its energy usage and customised to fit your needs. Gone are the days when you had to just rely on a light bulb from the store. At Powertrip Electrical Services, we can help you explore so many more energy-saving options for lighting that will inspire you and maybe even save you a few bucks, thanks to the latest in energy saving technology.

We offer a range of lighting options and can help you design an arrangement that’s far from boring and that adds a touch of flair to any room. You can also trust that we use products of the highest quality from some of Australia’s most trusted suppliers. We are skilled in installing decorative lamp shades, fixtures and products from some brands you might recognize like wicker pendants from Beacon Lighting and use lighting products from Haneco. After a quick consultation with our Gold Coast electrical specialists, we might even discover lighting options that cut your budget in half for double the satisfaction. Have a look at some of the services we can offer you to renovate and refresh the lighting in your home or commercial property

LED Lighting (Indoor and outdoor)

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs are the best in modern light installation because they last longer, are more durable and offer better lighting than any other types lighting. Now is a better time than ever before to consider a switch to LED lighting.

LED lighting products are far superior to traditional incandescent lights because they are up to 90% more energy efficient. Because LEDs use less energy, they last much longer. They won’t burn out but instead will dim slowly over time. LEDs offer customers more design and customization freedom because they can be installed inside a lightbulb, lighting fixture or on decorative light strings.

LED lights are also better than your average incandescent lightbulb because they don’t give off heat. That means no more waiting for the bulb to cool before you can change it. The science behind this is that they have built-in heat sinks that absorb the heat produced by the LED and completely dispel it from the environment around it.

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These can also be called drops or suspenders. Pendant lights are fixtures that hang from your ceiling on a chord or metal rod. They can function as beautiful decorative lighting if we also install wicker pendants of your choice.


These are downlights that can be adjusted to have the light pointed or focused on a specific direction.  Useful if you want to accentuate a certain area in a room or have light focused on a desk for example. These can be installed almost anywhere and can help brighten hard-to reach places where lamps cannot fit.


We can install sockets and led lights in your outdoor areas that are weatherproof and essentially protected from all environmental elements.


This is essentially a row of bulbs, in any shape or colour, stuck to a wire that can be extended anywhere on your property. You can choose the length of the belt you need and what kind of bulb you prefer. They can be installed indoors and outdoors because they are fixtures set on catenary wiring. We can also give you the option of remote control dimming that you can adjust at will.


These are also known as Christmas lights and are like festoon lighting because they’re installed on a wire, but the bulbs are much smaller in size. These lights are not very bright;therefore, our customers usually use them for decorative purposes to line their decks or even to add a touch of whimsy to the plants in their garden.


Are you doing any renovating in your residential or commercial property? We can handle the entire electric fitout. From the lighting to and sockets involved.

When it comes to lighting, there’s nothing we can’t do. If you have a vision, our team of professional, licensed electricians are more than willing to bring it to life. We have successfully delivered on anything our clients have asked for in the past. Besides aesthetics, we can also perform electrical maintenance to make sure that your lighting system is performing well. Powertrip Electrical Services has done it all from wrapping trees in fairy lights to installing chandeliers the size of a small car. Call us we won’t let you down and we’re happy to indulge your every style requirement.