When do I need a commercial electrician?

A commercial electrician, like any electrician, has expertise in working on electrical systems but they specialize in working on properties used for commerce or commercial projects. They focus on installing, repairing, and servicing electrical systems in commercial spaces because they have specific requirements and require specific training.
If you own or manage a commercial property, you’ll need a commercial electrician to handle all the electrical issues on the premises because the infrastructure here is a little more complicated than at your home. We primarily focus on residential and commercial properties in the Gold Coast and NSW areas and the distinction between the two is important to know, so that you know who to call. So if you need a commercial electrician on the Gold Coast, give us a call.

What can a commercial electrician do?

Electricians must be trained in different ways to handle residential vs commercial because they’re used for different purposes. Commercial properties are places of work and that means they’ll need an increased amount of electricity supply, compared to your average household electrical needs in the Gold Coast, to keep all the appliances and electronic equipment functioning at high capacity for full days. Commercial electricians usually work on the following types of properties:

  • Offices
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping Centres
  • Education and Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Gyms and other public amenity premises

In summary, commercial electricians are the best service providers to give your company or business support in looking after the electrical work and making sure it always works properly. They’re also the best type of electrician to trust if you need to design and install brand new electrical systems for when you’re moving into a newly built, empty office space. Commercial electricians are also dealing and are hyper-aware of working with properties where there cannot be disruption to productivity. Therefore, they’re going to engage with you quite closely to adapt their services to your commercial interests. They do projects that rely on planning that’s customer-facing, maybe more than the other electrician types. So, if you’re property is used by employees every day or deals with customers on the premises, this is when you should employ a commercial-minded electrician.
You’ll need a commercial electrician when you have any kind of electrical fault on your commercial property, but you’ll also need them in a range of other situations.

  • When you want to install or maintain heating and cooling systems
  • When you need to install security systems
  • When you need a professional to inspect and ensure that your place of business is following local and national guidelines for wiring and electrical systems

Choose us for your commercial electrical needs
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