How much does an electrician cost?

If you need a domestic electrician on the Gold Coast to fix up a few things in your house, the first question that’ll come to your mind is how much does an electrician cost. Professional electricians across Australia, like those known for good quality service at Powertrip Electrical (your favourite Gold Coast Experts), work in direct contact with electricity which is a very dangerous and complex beast. We’re given years of detailed training to protect ourselves while we do electric work on your property and even then, we can make mistakes that are potentially harmful to our health. That’s why it’s best to leave electric work to the experts and that comes at a price. We’ll always advise against electricians that are offering you prices that seem too good to be true. You can also avoid shady servicemen if you know how to choose the best electrician. Give us a call and we can discuss solutions and payment that is affordable for you. 

How much does an electrician cost?

Typical electrical repair cost $130 – $240 
Typical electrical installation cost $160- $300
Typical electrical replacement cost $170 – $310
Typical fault-finding cost$120 – $210

These prices and rates for a certified electrician and can change based on the city you’re in. They’re different for a number of other reasons but the main factors deciding how much you’ll pay for services depends on the type, size and required materials an electrician will use on the job. This is what you can expect to pay for local electrician services in your area. 

Your best bet, in our opinion, is to find a few electricians in your area that are offering the service you need. Shortlist those offering you an obligation and cost-free quote and then use those to find out which service provider can give you the best deal for the best service. Some electrical jobs might appear simple at first, like installing a switch, but they can actually be more difficult than what meets the eye. It’s these jobs in particular, that seem two-dimensional initially, that could cost you more than you anticipated. While you’re trying to guess how ‘big’ or ‘small’ the electrical work will be, make those calls and the more details you provide, the more accurate the estimated quote will be.

*Please note: All the prices given in this blog are intended to be used as guides only and the actual price could differ based on the job. 

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