How to choose the best electrician?

When we get down to the basics of it all – you should want to employ the best person to handle something as vital and potentially dangerous as the electricity in your home. Mostly because it makes sure that your hard-earned money isn’t going to waste but also because you want electrical services that are high-quality and safe. There are many shady electricians in the Gold Coast area, and you need to be wary of them because if anything goes wrong, they’ll put you in a tough spot. Not only that, but we can guarantee that they won’t offer you the same quality of service that a licensed and insured electrician on the Gold Coast can offer you. Powertrip Electrical has been operating in the area for years and if you aren’t calling us, here are a few suggestions for choosing the best electrician…

1. Make sure that your electrician is licensed, insured, and qualified

There are many people in the Gold Coast who claim to be top-notch sparkies but not all of them have the necessary certifications to operate under Queensland requirements for safe energy use. That’s because the training is difficult and keeping up with the standards to keep your license isn’t easy. That’s why you shouldn’t take a licensed and qualified electrician for granted because they went the extra mile to make sure that they were perfectly primed to do electrical work in your home and commercial property. Licensing is a good sign that they work at the highest required standards for government and for the general safety of the Gold Coast. The right electrician will also carry a copy of all the appropriate insurance required for the electrical work they’ll perform on your property and one of them is public liability. 

2. Compare reviews and records of experience

You are well within your right, as a property owner in the Gold Coast, to ask an electrician for a detailed portfolio of past clients or references. If they have social media pages, you can also check what people are saying and rating the business. It would also be helpful to ask them about examples of previous work because you want evidence that proves that they’ll know how to handle your electrical work. Any electrician that seems hesitant to give you all this information, should be avoided!

3. Find multiple quotes and compare them

Only the domestic electricians that the Gold Coast has in its ranks are willing to offer free quotes. We suggest that you take full advantage of them, including ours our own experts to help you make your decision in choosing the best electrician for you. Comparing all of them is also an important step in the process because you can easily identify outliers. Anyone giving prices that are too low or too high can be knocked off your list because it’s a sign of something being amiss. You can use our helpful pricing guide for electricians in the Gold Coast to compare the rates you are juggling.

In conclusion, our advice as electrical services providers in the Gold Coast that have had to fix the mess ups of illegal electricians operating in the area, it’s not worth the risk of hiring just anyone to do the job. The best thing you can do is to find an experienced, licensed and properly priced domestic electrician in the Gold Coast. Excellent electricians are a big investment of your time and money, and you’ll realize why. Their work is efficient and will impress even the toughest critic in the area. 

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