How much to install air conditioning?

We know that Australian summers can be sizzling! You’re not crazy for considering an air conditioning unit, in fact, you’ll find that you’re amongst the vast majority of Australians who have invested in it. Modern-day systems are not as big and cumbersome as they used to be but they’re still powerful enough to keep the most sweat-prone Aussie completely dry. It’s our job as certified air conditioner installers in the Gold Coast to inform you that it is Australian law that you use a licensed and certified electrician to handle everything involved with your cooling unit. It’s a requirement of the Australian Refrigeration Council to hire a licensed electrician to install or repair an air conditioner in a building. This is a short guide that’ll help you take the first step to cool your home down, just in time for summer! So if you are looking to install an air conditioning system on the Gold Coast this summer, give us a call.

What are split system air conditioners?

You’ve probably heard your colleague, friend or local electrician mention this model of air conditioning system to you. It’s growing in popularity in the Gold Coast, and across Australia because they’re easy to install and not so harsh on your pockets. They’re called split systems because the unit is made up of two separate parts. In basic English, one part is outside to harvest cold, filtered air and another part is inside to distribute that air. Split systems have an internal head unit as well as an external compressor and condenser. The price of installation is relatively low compared to other units, provided that you require it to function well in a limited area of space or one particular room.

How much does it cost to install air conditioning?

The average hourly rate for air conditioning installation in Australia is about $80. This price will differ based on the area you’re in and the specifics of the job you call us out for. Powertrip Electrical has fixed flat rates, so we’re a step above the average provider at making sure you can budget more effectively. The average cost of installing an air conditioner in your home, this estimation includes buying the system, labour, supplier, etc is between $700 to $1500. The most important part of determining the price here is based on the amount of cooling power you’ll need which depends on the size of your property and the use (residential or commercial).
A split system air conditioner is one of Australia’s most popular because it’s cost-effective at installation and for day-to-day usage. Powertrip Electrical is happy to install your split air system at your earliest convenience. Give us a ring anytime and we’ll get you set up! Call us on 0410 607 785 or fill this form to get a free quote. Here’s where you can find us on the Gold CoastHelensvale, Nerang, Palm Beach, Mermaid Beach, Broadbeach, Bundall, Burleigh Heads and neighbouring areas.

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