Electrical Fault finding – what is it?

Gold Coast regulatory bodies are very strict about the work local electricians do towards fixing and ultimately, stopping electrical faults because they’re a leading cause for property damage cases in Victoria and across Australia. It’s a serious issue that can directly be linked to some household or commercial property fires that result in detrimental loss of property and sometimes the harm to human life. As you can imagine, terrible accidents such as these are not something that anyone should have to go through. That’s why there is an insistence on the work of dedicated domestic electricians that the Gold Coast calls their own, to do all the checks and processes that detect electrical faults. It is one of the basic principles that any electrician should uphold when visiting a residential or commercial property. Fault finding must be a priority and be treated with the utmost importance. We’ve put together a short explanation that breaks down what fault finding is and why it’s important for domestic and commercial electricians in the Gold Coast to do.

What is fault-finding?

According to a short and sweet definition from Victoria’s energy safety regulator, Energy Safe Victoria, fault finding means the thorough testing of the operation of electrical equipment [on homes and other properties] to determine that [it] is safe and working correctly as defined in the Victorian Electricity Safety Regulations of 2010.  Electricians and other gas technicians in the area must be thoroughly trained and certain in fault finding packages to be endorsed for operation in the Gold Coast. Powertrip Electricals’ technicians are approved for fault-finding in the Gold Coast and we can carry out the necessary inspections to ensure that your electrical system is functioning as safely as possible. This can be done as part of regular electrical maintenance or as a call-out on its own.

Why do you need an electrician to perform regular fault finding?

There are many risks associated with electrical faults and we’ve repeated them several times on the informative sources we have online for customers. The possible consequences have included the serious harm of several service providers and damage of property beyond recognition. That should be more than enough incentive to convince you of the importance of an electrician trained in fault finding. There are a few things you can do as a customer as well, that will work towards fault finding initiatives and prevent the escalation of faults to harm or damage in the future. 

6 (safe) steps for electrical fault finding

If the power suddenly cuts in your home, and you know it’s not a power grid issue because all your neighbours are still powered up, then it’s possible that your switchboard has tripped. You may need a switchboard upgrade from a licensed electrician in the Gold Coast and it’s important that you get one if necessary. There is a safe way for homeowners to test their electrical system to find any faults before the professionals are called in. Perform the following steps:

  1. Turn all circuit breakers off
  2. Turn the main safety switch back on
  3. Turn each individual circuit breaker switch back on
  4. Identify the faulty circuit because it will trip back off
  5. Turn all switches off and back on again
  6. Call in a professional fault-finding electrician

Electrical fault-finding experts in the Gold Coast

Fault finding and its potential results are not to be underestimated and DIY is strongly prohibited by law and for the general safety of everyone on the Gold Coast. There’s no need for you to expose yourself, outside of the recommended actions provided, to electrical shock or electrical related fires. Call a licensed electrician as soon as you can if you’ve spotted an issue after performing our mini fault-finding test. Powertrip Electrical services can provide excellent fault finding and other electrical services to homes and commercial properties across the Gold Coast. We WILL detect any developing faults and eradicate them with fast and friendly service.